Reece has a disability called Alcohol Related Neurodevelopment Disorder (ARND). He was referred to Buddy Up to develop his independence, increase his social interaction and model appropriate behaviours.

As part of the Buddy Up relationship building Reece met his buddies and was supported at The Planet Blue sessions at the club. During Buddy Up Reece enjoyed outings to LA Bowl, Skate Academy ,Laser Quest and using public transport to go out for tea before attending Planet Blue. Reece also had the opportunity to attend the Plan Blue residential even though it fell on the date of his birthday he still went along and had a great time.

Reece's buddies have done an amazing job supporting him and Reece really looks up to them as brothers and has loved having them as his friends. It's really nice to see their bond they have built in quite a short time frame.

Reece loves coming to Planet Blue and he wouldn't miss it for the world, his mum said "he lives for Thursdays". She also said "Since being part of Buddy Up Reece has learnt to remove himself from situatons he is not happy with - he has learnt coping skills. He even does it at home when I'm getting on his nerves!"

Reece commented "I love going out with my buddies and attending Planet Blue as I'm just able to be me. It's cool going out with my buddies and without my mum and I love playing sports at the club."