Buddy Up

Our Buddy Up project aims to offer young people with disabilities from across Warrington a 'Buddy' who they can try social activities with, that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to access.

Do you have a disability and would like someone to talk to?

Do you want to know more about what’s going on in Warrington?

Or do you just want to have fun and learn new things?

Buddy up is for you! We will introduce you to somebody of a similar age or if preferred an adult, and then the fun begins! Together you can decide what it is you like to do, whether it be an activity or just making the most of our facilities and having a catch up and chat every week.

Are you a young person wanting to find a worthwhile and rewarding volunteering experience?

We're looking for enthusiastic young people to take on the role of a 'Buddy'. This will involve being a friend, listening to and encouraging your 'Buddy' to have their say on how it feels to be a young person with disabilities in Warrington. The aim of the project is to have fun, to learn new skills and to access local activities going on in the area.

Contact Nuvvy for more information about our Buddy up scheme on 01925 582 851 / 07432 640 939 or by email at nuvvys@warringtonyouthclub.co.uk