UK Challenges

24 Peak Challenge

24Peak ChallengeThis exciting challenge will see you summit an incredible 24 peaks in the Lake District, all over 2,400ft with a target trekking time of 24 hours!

The Lake District is one of the most beautiful areas in the UK, filled with breathtaking mountains and valleys – it is the perfect backdrop to this awesome challenge. The days will be long and the trekking tough, but the rewards of hiking into the heart of this amazing National Park and the accomplishment of conquering 24 peaks will make your efforts worthwhile. Click the dates for more information about this challenge.

6th Jun 2014 - 8th Jun 2014

12th Sep 2014 - 14th Sep 2014

5th Jun 2015 - 7th Jun 2015

11th Sep 2015 - 13th Sep 2015


Coast To Coast Cycle

Coast To Coast Cycle ChallengeThe aim of this charity challenge is as simple as its name suggests – to conquer the breadth of Britain by bike!

Starting with your rear wheels in the Irish Sea in the town of Whitehaven, this charity challenge encompasses some of the best scenery Britain has to offer! From the stunning mountains of the Lake District to the beautiful open moors of the Northern Pennines. Click the dates for more information about this challenge.

14th Aug 2014 - 17th Aug 2014

23rd Apr 2015 - 26th Apr 2015

13th Aug 2015 - 16th Aug 2015

 Trekfest2014banner H

TrekFest - The Beacons 2014

The ​Brecon ​Beacons ​are ​the ​beautiful ​and ​stunning ​hills ​that ​run ​through ​the ​centre ​of ​South ​Wales ​and ​are ​the ​training ​ground ​of ​the ​SAS. ​As ​you ​can ​imagine, ​The ​Beacons ​route ​will ​provide ​you ​with ​an ​extreme ​physical ​workout ​and ​a ​psychologically ​taxing ​challenge. ​Crossing ​the ​highest ​peaks ​in ​The ​Beacons ​and ​South ​Wales, ​we ​guarantee ​a ​spectacular ​charity ​challenge! 

27 miles, Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th June 2014

54 Miles, Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th June 2014. 


TrekFest - The Peaks 2014

The ​Peak ​District ​is ​a ​stunning ​location ​for ​TrekFest ​2014 ​and ​more ​than ​lives ​up ​to ​its ​reputation ​as ​one ​of ​Britain’s ​most ​inspiring ​National ​Parks. ​ ​The ​Peaks ​TrekFest ​challenge ​route ​encompasses ​an ​impressive ​network ​of ​footpaths ​and ​bridleways, ​beginning ​and ​ending ​in ​the ​beautiful ​Hope ​Valley. 

27 miles - Saturday 6th September to Sunday 7th September 2014

54 miles - Saturday 6th September to Sunday 7th September 2014