Overseas Challenges

Mount Kilimanjaro

After our Chairman Nick Hopkinson and CEO Dave McNicholl climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in March 2014 along with a group of businessmen from Vimto.

The Husky Trial 

Lapland Husky TrailEver dreamt of driving your own team of spirited huskies across the Arctic?  Well, now that dream can become a reality!

Join us on this, the most unique charity event, spending six days sledding through the rolling highlands and deep forests of Lapland for an experience you will never forget. This charity challenge is to sled 250km from Norway, into Sweden through untouched nature, in order to finish at the world famous Ice Hotel (the original!) in Jukkasjarvi!

28th Mar 2015 - 4th Apr 2015

4th Apr 2015 - 11th Apr 2015


Grand Canyon Trek

Grand Canyon Mountain TrekkingThis challenge descends deep into one of the best natural wonders of the world on one of the best charity events! It begins with an acclimatisation trek through Sedona, with its popular red rock formations, also known as Red Rock Country. Natives consider this to be the spiritual vortex to the south west of America and it’s not surprising why – Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon rival many national parks the World over.

The highlight of this trek for charity will be the descent of over 3,100 ft into the mind blowing Grand Canyon following an ancient Indian trail that leads us into the breathtaking Havasupai Indian Reservation – the bright blue green lagoons, huge waterfalls and scenery within the reservation are by far some of the best our planet Earth has to offer.

10th May 2014 - 17th May 2014 

4th Oct 2014 - 11th Oct 2014

9th May 2015 - 16th May 2015 

3rd Oct 2015 - 10th Oct 2015


Dalai Lama Trek

DalailamatrekThis charity challenge begins in Dharamsala, where the Dalai Lama and the centre of the Tibetan Community are situated, at the heart of the world’s highest mountain range.You will have time to spend in this fascinating town in the mountains before seting off on foot, to explore this stunning region. The 5 day trek for charity takes you through the Kingdom of Gaddi – a semi nomadic race who spend months wandering the high passes with their cattle. With spectacular views of the Daula Dhar Mountain Range, this gem of charity challenge events takes you through rhododendron forests, passing through Hindu settlements and Buddhist Monasteries. To end this most amazing of charity challenges, you will even have some free time to explore the incomparable Taj Mahal – one of the world’s greatest monuments to love ever built, and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World!

11th Apr 2014 - 21st Apr 2014

31st Oct 2014 - 10th Nov 2014

9th Apr 2015 - 19th Apr 2015

5th Nov 2015 - 15th Nov 2015


Milan to Monaco

MilantomonoacoCycle 240 miles from the fashion capital of Europe to The French Riviera! A unique cycling challenge taking in breathtaking mountain climbs and stunning coastal vistas – from the splendour of Milan to the magnificence of Monaco, playground of the rich and famous!

You will cycle approximately 240 miles with 3 days in the saddle. This tough cycling challenge takes in the foothills of the Maritime Alps and the coast of the French Riveria. A stunning ride through the best that Italy has to offer, leading to the R&R of the Riviera!

24th Sep 2014 - 28th Sep 2014

15th Apr 2015 - 19th Apr 2015

23rd Sep 2015 - 27th Sep 2015