Our Vision

Here at Warrington Youth Club we have a fantastic story to share....

It’s not just about what we are doing now, much of what we need to do has not yet been started. We believe every young person is unique. Each person has a genius just waiting to be discovered.

We also believe that we have a huge social responsibility to help each young person discover what they can become good at, to nurture them to achieve and to encourage them to take the risk and try something new. We do not believe that this is the exclusive job of schools, family or local authority. 

We believe we can play a huge role with young people, but to do this we do need help and support.

We have set out a programme to change the lives and choices for young people in Warrington. This isn’t a 500 page detailed plan which will sit in some bottom drawer in someone’s desk. It’s a one pager, a workable programme that’s well thought out. It’s based on an existing winning model and already has the support of many of the right people and organisations in the town.

Our goal is to interact with young people, to offer them choices that they don’t currently have, to show them alternatives and to work with several other groups and agencies in Warrington to help improve their lives and their futures. We have our own guides and mentors to help us achieve our goals.

This is our programme.

This is our mission, please help us to be successful.

Nick Hopkinson MBE, The board of Warrington Youth club and the kids of Warrington.

The above is an extract of The Warrington Youth Club Vision