Meet the team!

Here at Warrington Youth Club, the safety of your child is our main priority, that’s why ALL of our employees and volunteers have enhanced CRB checks and receive regular Child Protection & Safeguarding, First Aid and Health & Safety Training.


Davem   Dave McNicholl

Chief Executive

My role is to oversee the running of the organisation, identify opportunites for developing new work and spearhead the transition of the organisation into a youth zone. 

An interesting fact about me... I once DJ'd with Trevor Nelson.


Nuvvy Sibia

Buddy Up Coordinator

07432 640939  /  01925 582852

This is a volunteer project where we support children and young people with disabilities who are socially isolated. Through support of a volunteer buddy we provide 1-2-1 support to give that young person the opportunity to take part in social activities. We provide training for the volunteers, which is great for experience, CVs and university applications. Interesting fact about me...

I support Man Utd, and I have met George Best and Keanu Reeves. 


Jenny Allen

NCS Administrator

01925 574786

I do all the admin for the NCS Team, whether that be printing off consent forms, to graduations, to sorting out transport and accommodation.

Interesting fact about me... I have been to the Maldives three times, and my work nickname is Office Mum! 


Lindsay Gibbons

Mentoring Programme Manager

07718 565467 / 01925 582 858

I manage the Mentoring Programme - a programme of weekly 1to1 support for Children and Young People aged 7 to 15 who come from vulnerable families or disadvantaged backgrounds.  The Mentoring Team consists of myself plus 3 full time Mentoring Coordinators who oversee Mentoring relationship between a Young Person and their Mentor.  By the summer we aim to have 75 active Mentoring relationship.  The Mentors are volunteers from the local community and a part of my role is to recruit and train theses Mentors before they are assigned a Young Person to work with for the next 12 months.

I am also the Designated Child Protection Officer for the organisation.

Interesting fact about me... I had dreadlocks for most of my 20’s and have 12 tattoos, some that I now very much regret!

Jennifer Pari
Mentor Coordinator
07710 700891
As Coordinators, we oversee the relationship between our volunteer mentors and the young people that they meet with on a weekly basis. We ensure that their relationships are running smoothly and offer regular support.
Interesting fact about me... I once appeared as a zombie in a film!
 Rebecca   Rebecca Routledge

NCS Engagement Officer


I go into lots of schools and speak to people about NCS (National Citizens Service), to promote the service and I also lead on the delivery at residentials in spring, summer and autumn.

Interesting fact about me... The only time I ever rode a horse, it walked into a tree.


Chloe Smith

Mentor Coordinator

I manage a group of children and a group of mentors, and I manage one child myself.

Interesting fact about me... Whilst volunteering in Africa, I went on Safari and stroked a wild leopard. 


Phil McNicholl

NCS Practice Manager

07415 230586  /  01925 582852

I recruit the staff team and write the NCS programme, manage the staff and residentials, supervise all the social action projects, make sure the programme is running smoothly and that everyone is having a good time.

Interesting fact about me... I trekked the Amazon, and I once met Mark Wahlberg.


Cherise Duffy

HR/Office Manager

01925 581226  /  07568426749

My role is to look after the people who work for the organisation to ensure their needs are met throughout their career with the organisation and that they are happy working within the organisation.  It is also my responsibility to ensure the organisation is HR compliant.

Interesting fact about me... I totally love Florida for my holiday destination and have been fortunate enough to live in several areas of Germany and Hong Kong as a child.



Corinne Quayle

NCS Engagement Officer

07718 565470  /  01925 582853

I look after the sports teams and the disability side of the NCS. I books us into schools and colleges too.

An interesting fact about me... I was once offered a football scholarship in America.



Shannon O'Loughlin

Girls Group Coordinator

My job is mainly focused on developing various skills that young women from around Warrington need such as: healthy relationships; communication; emotional wellbeing; self-esteem and many other topics. I thoroughly enjoy my role as the project is run informally with the girls allowing us to have a great time as well as completing many different sessions. I am spend lots of my time on session plans and ideas to make the session fun and exciting for the girls. We run 3 different Girls Group’s here at Warrington Youth Club each catering to a different age group or need so there is a place for everyone!

An interesting fact about me... I am a qualified sailor!



Jordan Heaton

NCS Recruitment Officer

My job role includes contacting the young people via phone call and answering any questions they may have about NCS and getting them signed up to the programme.

An interesting fact about me is that I once had a dog called Biscuit!


Martin Hill

Youth worker

My role is to help provide a safe and fun environment for our young people who attend the youth club. I help to provide activities they may have not done before.  I also help with deliver and run assemblies within schools helping promote the youth club.

Interesting fact about me... I'm a scout leader with the 33rd Warrington west! I also used to be a male cheerleader. I've also helped at the paraolympics in Manchester when I was in college as volunteer.


Matt Taylor

Youth Worker

My role is to deal with sign ins, payments, registers and statistics within the Youth Club as well as running activities for both the junior and senior members of the club.

Interesting fact about me... I used to work in a circus.


Antony Marshall

Youth Worker

My interests are anything urban from dancing to skate boarding. I would like to eventually form a group of young people that share the same passion as myself and learn new skills together, encouraging them to become more confident within themselves. 
I would like to run a 12 week course, which if the young people complete it, we would visit other youth zones and skate parks as a reward.